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Awakening Leadership

A foundation for effective team building, 

organisational change projects, or as part of a leadership development programme.

Developed from a programme aimed at 'high potential' staff. The central premise is that successful teams and individuals can readily access a highly resourceful state, described by athletes as ‘being in the zone’. In this state of 'flow' they are more creative, connected and conscious - they are more awake. This higher state is referred to as being 'above the line'.


A number of practices are introduced that have been proven to help individuals and teams be 'above the line' more often. These include mindfulness, personal presence, emotional mastery, healthy thinking, identity and purpose, and the use of dialogue as a tool.

Personal Impact

Taking leadership to the next level.

Developed from a programme aimed at senior managers. Provides techniques to enhance personal impact and communication skills. Elements discussed and practices introduced include, the leaders ‘voice’, story telling, the message, the audience, providing coaching and feedback, group dynamics and context.

Executive Advisory 

Creative solutions supporting business and personal growth.

Executive Advisory is tailored to the needs of the individual and their organisation. It can include and deepen all of the elements described in Awakening Leadership and Personal Impact, but also specifics around personal change as well as job transitions and working with new teams. It can extend to help and advice with developing and implementing business strategies, and addressing organisational design, planning and performance.


  • Change

  • Strategy 

  • Business Development

  • Performance Management

  • Organisational Development


Awakening Leadership and Personal Impact are normally conducted in groups of 10 to 20, in person away from the work location, for a full day. There is however, now also the option to access much of the same material and insights via a series of 90 minute video dialogues.


Coaching & Advisory are by their nature tailored to the specific situation.



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